Built in smart IoT technologies comprise of sensors, controllers and watering kits bringing an efficient system of irrigation that helps implementing drip irrigation in Landscaping and Precision Farming. Unlike traditional irrigation controllers that operate on a preset programmed schedule and timers, our system operates in an entirely different manner. We can schedule all those to be performed in our field. Our system works on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology so the power consumption will be less. The mobile application which is installed in our mobile phone is used for controlling each valves in the system. Each valves closes and opens independently based on the instructions from the user.

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We live in a world of data and algorithm

SmartGro uses realtime data that are fed efficiently and accurately by our Smartloop system(Sensor). The data is processed realtime by the SmartGro controller, commanding actions accordingly.

Easy Setup & Scheduling

SmartGro is a simple, easy to install kit. No need to worry about timely watering any more, let SmartGro take control. Setup and schedule with ease using SmartGro Mobile App

Conserve Water

With its precise triggering mechanism, SmartGro helps reducing over watering and under watering, Thus conserving water.